17th Aug, 2011

17th Nov, 2010

Muse is still missing. I'm stuck in uni until 9pm because I have Russian and a crap load of verb homework I'm avoiding. Contemplating procrastinating by doing actual chemistry work. This may be even worse than when I chose to epilate last week instead of doing my HoFest thing. I am sorry dearest recipient.

Anyhow, I did this last night instead:

I can haz New Flat picspam? )

Also - my newest work-avoidance device: Robot Unicorn Attack. It's the crackiest thing I've ever played. Robot unicorn? Check. Awesome Erasure song on a loop? Check. Robot dolphins? Check. Beheaded robot unicorn weeping sparkly tears of woe whenever you crash into a gigantic star? Check. Doooo eeeeeeet.

16th Nov, 2010

Dear HoFest Muse,

The only excuses I will now accept for your continued absence would be if you are:

a.) Truly locked up in Aldi's sex dungeon, wearing a gimp outfit and ball gag.
b.) Stranded in the Arctic tundra, on the run from an underground contingent of terrorist Polar Bears who are determined to get humans back for Scotchgard and its subsequent cover-up.

If I find out you are sunning yourself in Hawaii or riding the same roller coaster round and round at Disneyland, I will not be best pleased.

Yours Frustratedly,

Artistically Challenged, 24, UK

7th Sep, 2010


First and foremost have a cakepop:
Because ALL food is better when it is reconstituted and put into cake form and ON A STICK.

Secondly - have an apology. I am made of fail and totes midway through making you a .gif(t). However, Veronica the laptop has had other ideas and is currently running slower than a fuller figured gentleman running up a hill with rocks in his rucksack.

Thirdly - have a promise that said .gif(t) will be with you by the end of the week. (Do you have one of those family members who claims that the present has been ordered and is 'on its way' yet it never materialises? I have brothers, so I know that family member well. I will NOT be that person.)

Fourthly - Enjoy the remaining hours of your birthday in Australia, and then continue to enjoy it in everyone else's countries too. Possibly while you are sleeping.

Finally - Sorry for the essay. *squish*

30th Aug, 2010

Spatial Optimisation FTW

This is awesome.

That is all.

5th Aug, 2010

AWZ Ep 983

No spoilers, really. Under the cut nonetheless. )

29th Jul, 2010

I just spent the last 4 hours baking cupcakes and icing tiny bikinis onto little sugar bunnies.

I am a happy Hannah.

23rd Jul, 2010


I don't know what's going on here, but I want to take this photo behind the bike sheds and take away its virtue.

Random Episode 1000 Spoiler/Promo Photo of Win. )
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14th Jul, 2010


Exciting/terrifying times.

Please, in the name of all things good and beautiful in this world, DON'T LET ME FALL OVER MY OWN FEET WHEN I HAVE TO COLLECT MY CERTIFICATE AND SHAKE SOME RANDOM DUDE'S HAND.

Oh, and if my UV-damaged red nose could refrain from peeling until 5pm tomorrow, that'd be great. Kthxbai.

13th Jul, 2010

brb...loling forever

Oh man. We have a customer named Dookie. DOOKIE!

Even better? He rang up chasing his quote so Geraldine seriously just asked 'Hannah, have you done Dookie?'.


9th Jul, 2010

Dear Job,

Please get more exciting. Data input and reading about New Zealand/Australia/Russia/Blah blah blah customs regulations and the resultant cranial atrophy will not serve me well when I go to York to do my Masters in October (which I only just found out about 2 days ago and have been all WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ever since).

Also, please to be having less staple removing and typing. I had to moisturise my fingertips.

Admin is not for wimps.



3rd Jul, 2010

I'm naff at filling in those biography boxes on social networking or journal websites. I can't think of anything to say that would make me sound sparkly and likeable. I mostly let my interests do the talking for me. Is that shallow/hiding? Oh well.

Instead I'm bored and figured I'd write a load of random facts about myself, because they're about as relevant and important to the people (if anyone) who read this as the degree I have or what I want to do once I've graduated in 2 weeks time (plus, I'm sure I'll go on about that enough in time).

1.) I'm quite English. As in, I speak proper English in a proper accent (which, depending on the person, can go a little bit 'farmerish' on occasion. Living in the countryside has its downside), I drink a lot of tea, I went to a posh school, I own wellies and I say 'crikey' quite a lot.

2.) I have an insanely low threshold for secondhand embarrassment. I can't watch any reality TV. I find Wife Swap particularly intolerable.

3.) I love learning languages. I'm currently taking Russian and German lessons (from which my current obsession with German TV has arisen). I'm not very good at them.

4.) I accidentally got high once by eating a suspicious brownie that had been in our freezer for a long time. I didn't realise and gave one to my 10 year old brother. We watched The Last Unicorn together. It was magical.

5.) I push my music/film/TV taste on almost anyone I come in contact with. It’s relatively successful.

6.) I need very little sleep and rarely get more than 3/4 hours per night. Despite this, I'm not nearly as productive as I could be, and spend most of my allocated 'sleep' time listening to my iPod and playing Angry Birds.

7.) I love baking and hope to open my own bakery/patisserie one day. Despite this, I dislike cake and biscuits in most forms.

8.) The feel of velvet makes me gag.

9.) I love writing essays. I did the least essay based degree known to man (Chemistry), possibly with the exception of Maths or Physics. I told myself every day that I should have done an English degree.

10.) The word 'flaps' creeps me out.
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